Mt. Carmel Cemetery, located at the corner of Maple and Merkey Roads in Manistee, is hallowed ground and shares with all sacred places regulations to insure reverence, neatness, safety and order. Cemetery Visiting Hours are 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. Access to the cemetery between 8:00 pm and 7:59 am is prohibited.

To promote the natural beauty of our cemetery, the safety of our visitors and caretakers, to facilitate cleanup and out of respect for our beloved deceased, the Mount Carmel Cemetery Board requires all individuals to follow these rules for decorating in our Catholic Cemetery.

  • A bed of live annual flowers only is allowed in front of grave markers. It is not to exceed 14 inches deep and the width of the monument foundation. Plantings outside of these dimensions are subject to removal and/or mowing. Watering of flowers is not the responsibility of the cemetery.
  • Shepherd Hooks for Hanging Baskets, Flags and Flag holders for Veterans are the only items allowed to be placed in the ground where grass is cut. They must be placed in line with the monuments. Flags for Veterans are the only flags permitted.
  • Urns are allowed in line with monuments and may contain live or artificial arrangements or decorations that are Christian in nature. Artificial arrangements placed in the ground will be removed.
  • Memorial Wreaths on stands are only permitted beginning November 15th and must be removed by April 1st.
  • Statues must be of a religious type acceptable to the Catholic faith, are to be placed on the foundation of the monument or on a separate foundation in line with the monument. Statues not of a religious nature and other objects (toys, trinkets, coins, balloons, golf balls, playing cards, wire decorations, glass vases, porcelain figurines, stones, woodchips, etc.) will be removed.
  • Solar lights are permitted but must be placed in an urn, hanging basket, attached to a shepherd hook, or in the allowed flower bed. If placed in an area where grass is cut or trimmed, they are subject to removal. If in a flower bed, they must be removed for fall and spring cleanup.
  • Planting of trees, bushes, or perennials is not allowed.
  • Decorating of trees is not allowed.
  • Dog walking, roller blading, skate boarding, or horseback riding is not allowed.
  • Refuse (such as plastic, cardboard, metal, glass, etc.) is to be removed from the cemetery. Whatever items you bring to the cemetery you must remove when you are finished decorating. Do not throw trash in the woods, place on a grave site or leave along the road. No hoses, water cans or containers may be left in the cemetery.
  • Trees, shrubs, and bushes that are in the cemetery are property of the cemetery, and may be removed or trimmed at the discretion of the cemetery board or maintenance staff.

Questions may be directed to
Mt. Carmel Cemetery
254 Sixth Street